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FECYT 4102 LOGO.jpg.jpg14-Mar-2023Affective factors influencing the oral production in english students from 8th school year of basic general education of the “Teodoro Gómez de la Torre” Educational Unit, Ibarra cantonSegovia Ruiz, Diana JessicaMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
FECYT 3841 LOGO.jpg.jpg13-Oct-2021Application of kinesthetic and visual strategies in english reading comprehension skill development of junior students at Colegio Universitario UTN, 2020-2021Cupueran Quimbiulco, Samantha LizethMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
FECYT 3836 LOGO.jpg.jpg5-Oct-2021Application of methodological strategies for the english language listening for gist sub-skill training of young learnersFuertes Camacás, Brayan OrlandoMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
FECYT 4085 LOGO.jpg.jpg1-Feb-2023Communicative strategies to improve speaking skills at Yaguachi Primary School of Ibarra during the academic period 2021-2022Moreno Lara, Karla JhasminMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
05 FECYT 4080 logo.jpg.jpg1-Feb-2023English songs as a strategy to improve pronunciation on second-level English Major students at UTN during 2021-2022 academic periodMelo Puetate, Wiliam AlexanderMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
05 FECYT 4144 logo.jpg.jpg31-May-2023ICTs tools as didactic resources to enhance speaking skills in senior students at “Abelardo Moncayo” High School in 2021-2022 academic yearMorales Ramírez, Luis UlisesMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
05 FECYT 3855 logo.jpg.jpg16-Nov-2021Learning environments as factors related to speaking skill in an efl classroom at Unidad Educativa Catolica La Victoria, during the school period 2019-2020Congo Cervantes, Dillan SteavenMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
05 FECYT 3908 logo.jpg.jpg8-Mar-2022Mother tongue interference on meaningful english language learning in writing skills in 6th and 7th grade students at U.E. YaguachiCisneros Iles, Stalin David; Sánchez Imbaquingo, Amanda GisselaMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
PG 809 logo.jpg.jpg25-Feb-2021Situational factors that influence learner´s motivation towards language in efl classroomsSuárez Pavón, Myrian StephanieMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
PG 1337 Logo.png.jpg27-Mar-2023Suggestopedia Activities as a Teaching Strategy to Develop Reading Comprehension in Eighth-Year Students at Academia Militar San Diego – IbarraCisneros Castillo, Ariana AmalyMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia
PG 1347 Logo.jpeg.jpg29-Mar-2023Task-based learning to improve reading skills in senior students at "Mario Oña Perdomo" high school in San Gabriel, 2021- 2022Peñafiel Romero, Diego XavierMantilla Guerra, Marcia Lucia